Keep the Beat Alive is our Ludum Dara 46 jam game, made together with the awesome mQuandt and Tad.
The theme for this Ludum Dare was ‘Keep it Alive’ during the 3rd weekend of April 2020.

In ‘Keep The Beet Alive’ you are a beet with a beat, fending off waves and waves of snails to the beat of the music.
It is the first game jam I properly programmed in. Doing the slug implementation and behaviour was good fun.

My contribution

  • enemy objects and animation
  • asset integration
  • scene setup
  • shaders
  • scene prefabs
  • menu scene, setup and flow

Check it out at our Judum Dare page. or on the Itch IO page.

PlatformsPC / Mobile

TechnologyUnity, Blender, Krita

Check it out on Itch IO